Squirrel versus pheasant

Now red squirrels might be very small, and very cute, but they are cheeky little scamps and not shy of a bit of a scrap when there is some food at stake. Even when there opponent is several times its size!

I have just witnessed this….

1. Mr Pheasant has taken a break from trying to make his bed comfortable, and has spotted a snack waiting. Brilliant, thinks he, and settle for a good feed….

pheasant versus squirrel


2. Uh Oh… he isn’t the only one who thought it for time for a bedtime snack, and a little furry face has appeared…. with its eye on the prize. But there are bulky bottoms blocking access from this side…

pheasant versus squirrel


3. …. if I can’t get at you past your large feathered bottom, maybe I can get at you from this side….



pheasant versus squirrel

5. Fur and Feathers fly in opposite directions.
pheasant versus squirrel


6. Out mini-agitator is victorious and continues to fill its wee belly at it’s leisure, indeed it is still out there nibbling away as I write this!
pheasant versus squirrel7. Mr Pheasant makes the only choice he can and heads straight for slumber.pheasant versus squirrel

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