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Red Squirrel Watching in My Hidden Galloway Garden

It is warm, it is sunny, so a perfect evening to step from my desk to sit in my garden and watch the little red squirrels go about their squirrely business. And it was a busy evening for the squirrels, I observed 4 individuals – the twins, a different other young one (not a twin) and a different adult (different meaning not Molly). I guess squirrels enjoy a warm sunny evening too, they were certainly enjoying that the trees were bursting into leaf and providing lots of fresh things to eat.

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Red Squirrel photography exhibition

Photography Exhibition of “Galloway Squirrels” in Kirkcudbright…

It has been very exciting to see my squirrels my little red squirrels photographs gathered together and on show in the Tolbooth Art Centre.

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Home to Roost

Each evening after the winter sun has set, the skies come alive around my cottage.

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The old tree atop the knowe

Everyone has a favourite tree, and I am no different. In fact I probably have a few, starting with the old beech tree that me and my sisters used to climb as kids. But after moving into the cottage, I now call home, my new favourite tree is found just over the dyke in an adjoining field.

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Galloway Squirrels Calendar

Christmas is coming… and the Galloway Squirrel Calendar for 2015 is available to order

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Carlingwark Birds

I have been taking photographs for a good few years now and every one freezes its own little moment in time.

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Mouse versus hazelnut – an short adventure into vine

I have meant to give video a shot for a while, so with increasing amounts of chat about the success of the 6 second vine video i thought that at the least I should give that a go/. So it was just a case of waiting for a suitable subject, I didn’t have to wait long thankfully, as my patience is short, before a little mouse ascended the nut post to nab the currently absent squirrels hazelnut.

The result is seen below in a short looping video.

Shadowy cattle stand softly dreaming with wide-open eyes.

A mashed up borrowed quote from Lud-in-the-Mist (thank you internet).

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Natures living colours

“Some things in their natural state have the most vivid colors”

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