Red Squirrels

A collection of mini tales and photographs of the red squirrels who visit my Galloway Garden.

Red Squirrel Watching in My Hidden Galloway Garden

It is warm, it is sunny, so a perfect evening to step from my desk to sit in my garden and watch the little red squirrels go about their squirrely business. And it was a busy evening for the squirrels, I observed 4 individuals – the twins, a different other young one (not a twin) and a different adult (different meaning not Molly). I guess squirrels enjoy a warm sunny evening too, they were certainly enjoying that the trees were bursting into leaf and providing lots of fresh things to eat.

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Squirrel versus pheasant

Now red squirrels might be very small, and very cute, but they are cheeky little scamps and not shy of a bit of a scrap when there is some food at stake. Even when there opponent is several times its size!

I have just witnessed this….

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A wee Squirrel Squabble

It has been a real treat having the baby red squirrel twins go through their toddler phase in my garden!

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Red Squirrel photography exhibition

Photography Exhibition of “Galloway Squirrels” in Kirkcudbright…

It has been very exciting to see my squirrels my little red squirrels photographs gathered together and on show in the Tolbooth Art Centre.

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Galloway Squirrels Calendar

Christmas is coming… and the Galloway Squirrel Calendar for 2015 is available to order

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Red Squirrel Photographs

It didn’t set out to be this way, but over the last 6 months the primary subject of my photography has been the red squirrels that visit my garden. You can see lots of the images I have captured in “My Galloway Garden” gallery, and follow whats happening over on Facebook or you can hop on over to Etsy and purchase a print to keep

You can now buy Hidden Galloway Photographs on Etsy

I get asked often if it’s possible to buy a print of a favourite photo, and of course it always has been. But I am trying to make it a bit easier and have started stocking an Etsy shop.

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