Home to Roost

Each evening after the winter sun has set, the skies come alive around my cottage.

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The Faerie Bridge

….it looked like a such magical place; and indeed it was, after walking a sun-dappled mile or so through verdant spellbound woods I reached the bridge where the faeries play. 

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The old tree stands strong atop the knowe

The old tree stands strong atop the knowe, patiently waiting for another spring.

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Castlerigg stone circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle

It was so lovely last weekend that a day trip to the north west coast of England on Saturday (Silloth, Workington, Whitehaven…) turned into spending the rest of the weekend in the Lake District.

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Sgitheach – the entrance to The Otherworld

Sgitheach is a ongoing project for me… on May 1st I hope it will allow me entry to the otherworld.

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