Carlingwark Birds

I have been taking photographs for a good few years now and every one freezes its own little moment in time. Some of these moments are carefully planned and patiently waited for and worked on; and some are fleeting where you are lucky to capture a perfect expression in a face (in my case expressions in small furred faces) where you are lucky you had your camera.

This image was shot at Carlingwark Loch at Castle Douglas on a misty morning in 2012, and it was a mix of the two. Every photographer knows that a good fog can be very photogenic, so when I looked out the window and saw the swirling mists I heading down to the water hoping to capture… something. The sun started to break through the mists and the shadowy shapes of birds started to solidify. I liked this moment  as the last haze of mist just filtered the sun enough to give a softness, and the rays of light just became strong enough to light up the water. I took my chance, and as I did the birds too to the skies. Nature never gives you long!

I hope you like the image.

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